Table of Contents

Enlightenment—What’s It Good For?
Author’s Back Story 1942– 69

1. Greenwich Village Joy Ride
2. Life Before Psychedelics and the Internet
3. My Life in a Nutshell
4. Sold American! Madison Avenue and a Gypsy Good Time
5. Soul Search and Rescue
6. Discovering the LSD Portal/The Cat with Mystic Eyes
7. Following the Energy Over the Edge

Part One
Genesis of The Farm, 1969 –70

8. Finding a Pot-Smoking Guru
9. Tripping Further
10. Spaced Out
11. The Great, ’Round-the-Country, Save-the-World Bus Caravan
12. Caravan Two—Search for the Promised Land

Part Two The Commune—Year One, 1971–72

13. Caravan Landing Party
14. Peyote Meeting
15. Amazing Summer Out of the Box
16. The Big Bust
17. Hippie Holy Land
18. Governance
19. In the King’s Court
20. Old Karma
21. The Human Tumbler
22. Life and Death 

Part Three
Manifesting a Shared Vision, 1972–76

23. Living in a Beautiful Bubble
24. Supporting The Farm
25. Back on The Farm
26. Feeding The Farm
27. The Farm Without Stephen
28. An Unexpected Journey
29. Motor Pool
30. At the Rabbi’s Table
31. Grand Yoga Hollywood
32. Double Jeopardy
33. The Flip Side of Stephen Gaskin
34. Grist for the Mill
35. The Big Apple 

Part Four
Hippie Peace Corps Goes to Guatemala, 1976–77

36. ¡Terremoto! Earthquake!
37. First Contact—the Cloud People of Chimachoy
38. Good Karma Work
39. Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch . . .
40. San Andrés Itzapa Base
41. Adiós a Guatemala

Part Five
Utopia Myopia, 1977–84

42. Thirty-Six People Living in One House
43. Pete Seeger and the Big Apple
44. Relativity
45. New Reality
46. Courtship and Marriage
47. Catskill Sabbatical
48. New Beginnings
49. The Right Livelihood Award
50. Mel’s Deli and Cosmic Bakery
51. The Famous Infamous Ragweed Raid
52. The Weekly Beat
53. Tipping Point
54. The Changeover from Commune to Co-op
55. Exodus

Updates, Observations, Conclusions

About the Author

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