Melvyn Stiriss

Melvyn Stiriss is the author of Voluntary Peasants, A Psychedelic Journey to the Ultimate Sixties Commune.

In the sixties, Melvyn Stiriss was a  United Press International wire service reporter who followed the zeitgeist, the spirit of the times, over the edge to seek enlightenment, love, adventure and to live life out of the box.

“There was an exciting, all-pervasive feeling, an intriguing, mysterious energy that beckoned me, that beckoned all who were tuning in. I followed that ‘vibe’ in search of fun, adventure, and enlightenment.” His vision quest brought him to San Francisco where he found his weed-smoking, world wisdom spouting, self-proclaimed guru, Stephen Gaskin.”

Melvyn lives in upstate New York, enjoying his “senior career” as an author, publisher, storyteller, and aspiring movie maker. He loves hiking, playing keyboard, photography, travel, movies, and reading great literature.