The author of Voluntary Peasants—A Psychedelic Journey to the Ultimate Sixties Commune, Melvyn Stiriss speaks about his extraordinary experiences in pursuit of enlightenment and adventure, and living twelve years at the country’s biggest, most storied American commune—The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee.

Melvyn presents an entertaining informational program—storytelling, reading from Voluntary Peasants, showing pictures and taking questions. Beginning talks with a blast on a conch shell, (optional) Melvyn conveys “special sixties energy.”

Melvyn  speaks in libraries, book stores, college and universities—history, sociology, journalism, comparative religion and creative writing classes, and to groups interested in alternative living, back-to-the-land lifestyles, collectivity, communes, hippies, veganism, telepathy, group think, cults, spiritual gurus and cannabis spirituality.

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