Voluntary Peasants is a six-part story, a natural for a six-part TV series full of fun, psychedelic color, action, humor, humanity and full-blown flower power generation brought back to life. Far deeper than sixties nostalgia and sex and drugs (though there are plenty of both) Voluntary Peasants probes deep into the psyche and times, gurus and cults, New Age spirituality, personal and social transformation.
Voluntary Peasants is deep. Voluntary Peasants is light. Voluntary Peasants is multi-level and multi-dimensional…an escape offering intriguing lifestyle alternatives.
Film makers. We are looking for partners to turn this wonderful, colorful, action-packed, human story into a quality, entertaining feature film.
First of course, we need backers, co-producers, director, cast and crew.
Interested? We would love to talk.
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