A Farm Wedding      The Garden

 Kid Herd                   Mounted Gate Men

Copyrighted photos by David Frohman


 Voluntary Peasants Harvesting Sorghum               Country Round Dance


                                                         100-vehicle, round-the-country, hippie bus caravan

  Whole Community, 1971

Copyrighted Photos by Gerald Wheeler

Author in 1983 with newborn daughter Sarah,

delivered at home on the Farm by Farm midwives.

                                Photo by Deborah Gregory

Author baking community bread in The Farm Bakery

                                         Photo by Joe Silver



Stephen Gaskin speaking at Goddard College, Vermont, one of several stops on his round-the-country, save-the-world hippie bus Caravan. Stephen explains “how the universe works,” focusing on spirituality.

Gaskin blowing cow horn to start the group chant OM

                      Goddard College photos by Neal Warshaw

Gaskin’s Caravan bus

Photo by Paul S. Crane MD

Caravan buses, Old Hickory Park, Tennessee

Photo by Paul S. Crane MD

Caravan couple with newborn delivered on The Farm

Photo by Paul S. Crane MD

Mayan women in front of a school in a remote mountain village, one of eleven schools Melvyn built with Mayans and a team from the Farm after a devastating earthquake in Guatemala in 1976. The crew also built houses and clinics including a clinic for Mother Teresa.

 Mayan peasant tends field in front of hundreds of houses built in 1976 by the Farm’s Plenty International earthquake reconstruction team working with the people of San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala.

Guatemala photos by the author

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