Voluntary Peasantsa Psychedelic Journey to  the Ultimate Sixties Commune is a multi-level, entertaining read and portal to a magical time.

A nonfiction novel, history/memoir, and an action-packed, thought-provoking, humorous odyssey into a world of psychedelics, telepathy, vibrations, gurus, and back-to-the land collective living, the spiritual journey of a journalist who followed the energy of the sixties over the edge in search of enlightenment and adventure.

The ‘60s come alive to blow minds, shake the status quo and inspire planetary consciousness.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace.”—John Lennon. “That was us! We had it going.”

Imagine living 13 years as a “voluntary peasant” in America’s ultimate hippie spiritual commune, The Farm in Tennessee. Voluntary Peasants transmits true ‘60s energy, vibes and mindscape.

Far beyond sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll—beyond hippies True tales of a remarkable experiment in collective living as thousands of high-minded people join forces, pool resources and attempt to create a sustainable lifestyle the world can afford.

A remarkable story and entertaining read that explores the psyche and nuts & bolts of how to make it through dangerous times and enjoy a good life on a super low-budget. Includes vignettes of extraordinary people, personal and group transformation.

Leave the ordinary. Let your head soar free and take a trip—a ‘60s trip out of the box. Stiriss takes the reader on an extraordinary journey from Greenwich Village beatniks in the ‘50s through the ‘60s and ‘70s—opening doors to reveal inner realms of those heady, revolutionary times—times rich in lessons that can possibly help us now and save the world.

 Stiriss—“With Stephen Gaskin and 300 hippie friends, I co-founded and lived thirteen years in America’s biggest commune not undercover but as a full-fledged member of the hippie collective—living the dream, “saving the world.” The idea of writing about the experience came after when I realized the importance of reporting behind-the-scenes, everyday observations of one of the most-amazing social experiments to come out of that far-out era.”

Enter what may seem another world—The Farm—an audacious attempt to create a better way of life—an Earth-friendly, people-friendly, pacifist, eclectic, agrarian, vegan, spiritual community and pioneering cannabis church—a commune awarded the Swedish Right Livelihood Award—“For caring, sharing and acting with and on behalf of those in need at home and abroad.”

An example of The Farm’s humanitarian outreach: the author worked a year with Mayans and a crew from the community in remote mountain villages after a devastating 1976 earthquake in Guatemala. Donating their time and labor, the team built schools, clinics, houses and a clinic for Mother Teresa.

Over the collective’s 13 years, 5,000 people lived and worked together as “voluntary peasants” sharing labor, life and friendship—living a path with heart—working without pay—to create a globally-affordable, simple, gracious, sustainable lifestyle.

The Farm was a grassroots, 24/7 peace demonstration.

We built our own town—a village complete with  solar-heated school, ninety houses, roads, orchards, vineyards motor pool, soy dairy, clinic, lab, doctors, midwives, dental lab, bakery, cottage industries, FM radio and closed circuit TV stations. Our town was the hub of a dozen satellite communities and humanitarian outreach projects operating around the world. At peak—1,450 people enjoyed Zero Unemployment, Universal Healthcare, and all necessities on a little more than $100/person a month!

Voluntary Peasants also reveals the author’s deeply personal spiritual student-teacher relationship with cult guru Stephen Gaskin, who taught and preached about God, “how the Universe works,” telepathy, energy, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Allah. The pot-smoking, magic mushroom-eating guru cast a broad world wisdom eclectic message to capture the hearts and minds of desperately searching disenchanted Christians and Jews, turning conventional people into hippies. We also examine the whole “guru trip” and the phenomenon of groupthink.

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Voluntary Peasants will be available as a 9″ x 6″ paperback with approximately 420 pages, including  five parts, prologue, epilogue and photos.

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Voluntary Peasants is also available as a six-part series of ebooks and as the whole book.

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